Whisper® Lung Score Explanations


Placement of the sensor head in the proper position (on the animals right side approximately three inches back and slightly up from the front elbow) is important. As the Whisper head is moved around different locations the sound frequencies may be a bit different and Whisper will give a lung score for each location depending on the sound frequency it gathers. It is normal to get slight variation in scores from different areas of the lung and even slightly different scores as the animal relaxes or becomes more agitated from multiple sound recordings.

Using Whisper once to assess the lung condition is generally sufficient. Whisper is an objective instrument that is not influenced by clinical signs or temperature, enabling the use of the Whisper assessment in conjunction with temperature and clinical signs during treatment protocol selection. The lung score is an additional piece of data presented about the disease state of the animal’s lung.


The Whisper Electronic Stethoscope measures five different levels of lung health. Simply hold the stethoscope over the lung of the animal and eight seconds later the stethoscope will beep, indicating it is wirelessly transmitting the lung sound to the computer. The highly specialized software running on the computer will analyze the sound and send the lung score to the stethoscope, lighting up the correct indicator within seconds. It’s that easy!


Introduction to Whisper® by Watson IBM