Whisper® System


Whisper®: A simple, quick, and non-invasive system to diagnose the condition of cattle lungs. An electronic stethoscope transmits the lung sound to a computer with a proprietary algorithm that classifies the lung condition validated with histological pathology.

Stethoscope to Computer Communication
Quick and accurate wireless transmission from the Whisper® Stethoscope to our computer software provides a platform for easy-to-analyze and effective information.


Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope in Action
Whisper® Veterinary Stethoscope has been designed and manufactured only for animals. Simply hold the stethoscope over the lung of the animal and 8 seconds later the stethoscope will beep, indicating it is wirelessly transmitting the lung sound to the computer. The highly specialized software running on the computer will analyze the sound and send the lung score to the stethoscope, lighting up the correct indicator within seconds. It’s that easy!


Whisper® Resources


Introduction to Whisper® by Watson IBM